BBQ Competitors

A KCBS-sanctioned competition organized FOR cooks, BY cooks.  This isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve organized sanctioned competitions in the past and have extensive experience in this area.  Our goal is to bring KCBS-sanctioned competition barbecue back to Saskatchewan, and expose our hobby to a wide audience.  

  • Entry fee:  $225 early bird registration before May 15.  After that, entry fee is $275.
  • Sanctioning:  This event is sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society.  Their rules* will be in place.
  • Space:   We’ll budget 20′ x 20′ sites.  If you need more space, please let us know in advance.  Register early for best (closest) cook spaces.
  • Electricity:   This is a low budget, bare bones event.  If you need power to cook, you should bring an inverter-style generator, a Battery/inverter system, etc.  If this is a dealbreaker, we still want you to come!  Please contact us and we’ll see how we can help.
  • Venue:  Event is held at the Pilot Butte Rodeo grounds. It’s located on the North side of the town of Pilot Butte, immediately across Highway 46.  We have the whole venue to ourselves.  It’s a great spot with scenic prairie vistas and sheltered space for judging… but it’s somewhat exposed to wind.  Please make sure you have weights, stakes, and cargo straps to secure your tents.
  • We’re not expecting huge crowds; This event is not being advertised to the general public, with the exception of the Friday night BBQ Bash.  Without distractions, you can focus on your food, have fun, and socialize with other teams / judges.
  • Saturday afternoon Chef’s challenge will happen if we can find a sponsor to support prize money and food.   
  • Flying in from B.C, Ontario, or Quebec?  We’ll waive your entry fee!
  • $5000 in total prize money for the 4 meat categories and overall
  • Turn-in times will be standard KCBS times.

 Nearby Resources:

  • Liquor Store: Sobeys Liquor in Emerald Park, 8 minutes from venue.
  • Meat:  Best option in Regina is Butcher Boy Meats on Park Street, 15 minutes from venue.
  • Hotels:  Look in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan:  8 minutes from venue.
  • Large grocery stores:  IGA in Emerald Park, 8 minutes from venue.   Regina has Superstore on Victoria Avenue East.  Costco is close also at about 10 minutes from venue.

 * KCBS Website requires a free membership to access certain areas, including team rules.

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